Environmental challenges are catching up with us fast, but what to do? Here you’ll find a different approach to dealing with many of these challenges. You wont find an alarmist, propagandist rant, for either side of any challenge, because we believe that there’s more than only two sides to a challenge. The underlying approach will be to be critical of everything out there, and taking a totally different angle of looking at solutions.

Our philosophy is:

“If it aint broke, don’t fix it. And if we broke it,

it’s likely we will break it even more trying to fix it.”

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Our site will be, for the most part, used to present critical review of issues related to the environment, ecology, global and climate change, biodiversity conservation, environmental informatics, and eco-friendly living.

Our site, and the articles herein, will review environmental issues in various lights. We will not limiting ourselves to the economic, materialistic, and empirical view that seems to dominate the world of environmental management.

You will find a broad range of important approaches to environmental activism. Ethical, spiritual, and scientific approaches all uphold one-another in strengthening the message of maintaining environmental integrity.

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