Awards and Significant Mention

GIS Poster Award

This is my poster (jpg) that won Dr. Barry Wellar’s Award (PDF | JPG) for Best GISDay Project in October 2006.
Here is my certificate of GIS training from ESRI (PDF), the leader in GIS development.

University of Ottawa’s Geomatics Department mention of my winning poster.

Best Pick for Digital Microscopy

Other places of significant mention on the web are outlined bellow:

Pick of Pics for Digital Microscopy : click here for 1, here for 2, and here for 3*.

*Note link #3 doesn’t show my name. Instead there are the names Anas Choukri and Ivan Petrov who’s work station I used due to malfunction of my station. None the less, this is my most prized image of all, yet it’s been attributed to someone else – I’m working on getting this corrected.

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