Local Services

(Most Pro bono publico)


Environmental Services and Consulting:

Waste collection and transportation to specialized facilities, e.g., batteries, Hazardous Household Waste, electronics.

Landscaping and Garden Consulting, Pest Control/Pest Management, Green-Living Practices, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Invasive Species Management and Reporting, and Green Home Assessments.


GreenKufi’s Waste Collection Program for seniors and people with limited transportation. Call us at 613-852-6631 or email us at SpecialWaste [@] greenkufi.ca

Dreaming of a Green Ramadan Campaign.

Articles written for Muslim Link Newspaper (PDF- p. 11) and My Blog on eco-living and environmental science.

My GIS work on invasive species; winner of the Dr. Barry Wellar’s Award for Best GIS Project 2006. Poster

Design and Production:

Video Editing and Production, Graphic Design, Posters, Photography, and Audio and Radio Production…

Design: Posters (like mine that won best award above), web graphics, prints, etc. Last Nights Poster, Dreaming of a Green Ramadan

AudioSalam Ottawa Radio 93.1 FM Tuesdays at 5pm: Audio mixing, production, editing, media conversion. Professional interviews, promotional clips, ads, you name it. If It’s audio, I can do it.

Video production and editing: OIS Documentary – will release on request. Weddings, Events. If it’s video, that’s right, I can do it.

PhotographyMy Photography Many have been used in the Muslim Link, and in Online Tourist Guides. I can take shots for you at your events, activities, newspaper, for your website. for your prodects. There’s nothing* I won’t shoot with my lens.

*within reasonable boundaries.

Computer Hardware and Web development:

Building computers systems, installing hardware and software, maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting. Developing blogs and websites.

  • Show you how to make use of free, high quality easy services online to promote your business, event, organization, group, etc.
  • Teach you all you need to know about blogging, and making use of a blog for your class, school, business, etc.
  • How to make a blog more than just  a blog, and make money from it.
  • Not sure how to set up a website? I’ll show you how. Professional instructional videos for whatever you need to know, or in class.

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